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Common Application Faculty Information

About the Common App

The Common Application (the Common App) is an undergraduate application used by numerous colleges and universities across the country and around the world.  Students transferring out of Gateway may be required to apply to their destination institution using the Common App. Click on the Common App Training Resources or Knowledge Base for more information and an overview of the process.  Students have also found this external website helpful in answering various questions and defining terms.

Providing Recommendations for Student

An Academic Evaluator or Advisor is usually the department chair, or faculty/staff coordinator for your academic program, or another faculty member who has had significant experience with a student.  If a student has been working with an advisor in the Student Success Center, he or she may also be listed as a student's Academic Evaluator.

  • The Common Application now requires students to submit all recommendation requests online.
  • Recommenders will receive an email notification of the request. 
  • The email notification will provide you with the option to complete the recommendation online, or to opt-out of the online recommendation process (for all future requests as well.)  
  • If a faculty/staff member opts-out, the student must download a printable copy of the recommendation form. (sample here).

Academic Evaluator

  • Students are recommended to speak with Evaluator/Advisors prior to sending an invite. 

Transcripts and Registrar Reports

  • Registrar Reports are to be completed by the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Transcripts are sent directly from Gateway to your destination institution. Students may submit a Transcript Request through MyCommnet or by visiting the Office of the Registrar (N214).