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Student Government Association

Welcome to the Gateway Community College Student Government Association (SGA)!


We the students of Gateway Community College, in order to form a democratic, efficient and responsible Student Government to represent, lead and unify the student body, to decide and recommend for the students upon any matter involving the student interests, to promote common understanding between students, faculty, and administration, while protecting the individual rights of students, do hereby establish and adopt this Constitution and its By-Laws for the Gateway Community College Student Government Association.

The full SGA constitution and by-laws can be found in the Student Handbook on page 41.  Please click here to access the handbook.

Why SGA?

The Student Government Association or SGA as it is often referred to, is the voice of the Gateway Community College (GCC) student body.  The SGA is governed by an Executive Board (E-Board) that consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Your participation in SGA is strongly encouraged as it provides you the opportunity to be informed on key issues that affect you and your colleagues.  Additionally, it provides you a platform to bring forth any questions, concerns, or updates you would like the SGA Executive Board to address as they have direct communication to the GCC Administration.

What does SGA do overall?

As a student at GCC, you pay a student activity fee.  This fee along with the fees of all other students goes into a Student Activity Fund, which is an account in the Student Activities Office.  The Student Activities Office staff oversees allocation of all of these funds for a variety of different things.  For example, money is allocated to the SGA Executive Board who then allocates funds to new and continuing student organizations/clubs per year.  Student Organizations are then able to put together a host of activities and events which revolve around their respective missions, yet are open to all students.  Funds are also reserved then allocated for conference trips, community projects, school wide events/projects, and of course a wide array of activities that engages you the student in a multitude of ways!

What does each SGA Executive Board (E-Board) Member do?

  • All SGA E-Board members must maintain office hours at a minimum of 2 hours per week, which will be done virtually for the foreseeable future
  • E-Board members may also oversee specific committees such as the Finance Committee, Election Committee and so forth
  • Entire SGA E-Board holds bi – weekly E-Board meetings and bi-weekly SGA General Body Meetings.

Summary of Specific Duties:


  1. Presides over meetings of the SGA and chairs the Executive Board. 
  2. Can veto any SGA action where he/she deems necessary. 
  3. Votes on matters which the group has come to a tie.
  4. Appoints committees
  5. Represents the SGA at college and community functions
  6. Uses correct parliamentary procedure.


  1. Performs the duties of the President in the absence of the President, or when the President is incapacitated.
  2. Presides over the meetings of specific committee.
  3. Maintains calendar of all SGA meetings, committee meetings and events.
  4. Presides over all committees established by SGA


  1. Records the minutes of all meetings of the SGA.
  2. Types all minutes and agendas.
  3. E-mail minutes of all official meetings within 24 – 48 hours of the meeting’s adjournment.
  4. Writes and maintains SGA correspondence.
  5. Chairs committee as assigned.
  6. Keeps a catalog of Student Organization/Club minutes


  1. Works in conjunction with the Office of Student Activities to maintain records of receipts and expenditures of the SGA in the form of a ledger.
  2. Present the Treasurer’s Report at meetings of the SGA as new expenditures and balance totals become available.
  3. Assist in preparing vouchers for payment in a timely manner.
  4. Approve student organization/club expenditures in compliance with the Student Activity Fund Financial Guidelines.
  5. Tracks all expenses/budgets specific to SGA.

How do I join?

As a student at Gateway Community College you are eligible for membership in the Student Government Association (SGA).  All you have to do is the following:

  • Ensure you are in good standing with the college by paying all tuition and fees
  • Attend an SGA General Body Meeting – You establish membership by being marked present at one SGA meeting.

*Currently all SGA General Body meetings are held virtually every two weeks and an e-mail with the link to join will go out to all students every two weeks, starting at the end of September/early October in the Fall semester.

How do I run for a position on the SGA Executive Board?

We will be holding elections each Fall semester with the goal of establishing a new SGA Executive Board by September 18th.  Marketing for the elections will begin late summer and progress into candidate submissions, creation of ballots and finally voting which will all be done virtually.  A tentative timeline for the SGA election campaign will be as follows:

  1. Marketing:  Late Summer (August) through voting days in September
  2. Candidate Submissions:  From start of classes August 26th to September 11th
  3. Town Hall:  A virtual Town Hall with Candidates will take place the second Monday in September or September 14th.
  4. Voting:  Voting will open after Town Hall on September 14th and remain open through September 17th
  5. New SGA Executive Board:  Will be announced on Friday September 18th

*Dates may vary please check GCC website for updates as well as social media and e-mail.  We will inform all students of dates through various means. 

Requirements to run for election are as follows:

  • Completed 12 credits or more at Gateway Community College
  • GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Have declared a major
  • Be in good standing with the college (financially and academically)

Letter of Intent Instructions