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Common Application

About the Common Application

The Common Application (The Common App) is an undergraduate application used by numerous colleges and universities across the country and around the world.  Students transferring out of Gateway may be required to apply to their destination institution using the Common App.

Assistance with the Common Application


Requesting Information From Gateway

The Transfer College Report

The Transfer College Report asks for the student's academic standing and conduct record. It is completed by the Dean of Student Affairs and sent directly to the destination institution. 

  • Access the Transfer College Report Form from the "Recommenders and FERPA" section in the Common App.
  • Download the Transfer College Report form, print it, and bring it to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Room N220 to complete (Sample Here).


Transcripts are sent directly from Gateway to your destination institution.  Students may submit a Transcript Request through MyCommnet or by visiting the Office of the Registrar (N214). For more information click here

Academic Evaluators

An Academic Evaluator or Advisor is often an instructor who has had significant experience with a student.  It may also be a department chair, or faculty/staff coordinator for your academic program, or another advisor. If you have been working with an advisor in the Student Success Center, students may opt to list him or her as your evaluator or advisor. 

  • Students will list their Academic Evaluators on the Common App. "Recommenders and Ferpa Section." 
  • Some faculty may opt to complete the evaluation online, while some may prefer a downloadable offline form. It is the student's responsibility to download all "offline forms" and deliver them to the Evaluator.  Providing an addressed envelope for the Evaluator is a recommended courtesy. 
  • Students are recommended to speak Evaluators prior to sending an invitation, or listing them on the Common Application.

Transfer Midterm Reports

For students applying in the middle of the semester, some institutions will require a Transfer Midterm Report to be completed and submitted.  This form is downloaded under the "Recommenders and FERPA" section and presented to each of your instructors.  Course information, your grade, and the instructor's signature is required for each course.  There is a small space for instructor comments.  It is the responsibility of the student to collect this information from each instructor, and submit it to his/her destination school. (Sample Here

Final Reports

Final Reports are intended for Secondary Schools (High Schools) and are not completed by college or universities.  The Transfer College Report is used by Gateway to provide similar information to destination schools.