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Human Services

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Please note that as of July 1, 2023, all program information should be accessed through the CT State Community College Catalog. Specific program information on this page may no longer be accurate beyond this date.

Human Services

Program Overview

The field of Human Services is dynamic and challenging. The concept of human services stresses care for the whole individual and his or her relation to the environment. The sequential courses develop knowledge of personality patterns and behavior, roles and functions of community resources, and skills in each curriculum option. This program prepares students for entry into the job market and for transfer into baccalaureate degree programs.

Field experience is an integral part of the Human Services curriculum. It exposes students directly to clients in community service settings to apply the theories and skills learned in the classroom. In the various degree programs, students are eligible for field placement once they complete 24-35 credits toward the degree and are able to demonstrate a sufficient level of competence and skill. 

Earn an Associate’s Degree

Students may choose from several specific associate degree areas for their course of study depending on their career and educational goals:

CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Social Work Studies

This course of study is for students who plan to transfer to a CSU and wish to apply to a Social Work baccalaureate degree.

Human Services Career

This course of study is for students who want to enter the job market or who are already in the human services field.

Human Services Transfer

This course of study prepares students for transfer into a four-year college while training them in human services and developing the skills necessary in entry-level positions

Human Services: Gerontology Option

This option prepares students for entry-level positions working with the elderly and for transfer to a four-year college. The option presents the demographic, social, biological, and psychological changes occurring in elderly people and how these changes determine the skills and services needed to work in gerontology.

Earn a Certificate

Specialized certificates are available as well, in the following areas:

Gerontology Certificate

The gerontology certificate curriculum meets the continuing educational needs of providers and users of services to older citizens.

Human Services Certificate

The Human Service Certificate curriculum is designed for the professional who is already employed in the field of Human Services.

Therapeutic Recreation Certificate

This program prepares students to work as Therapeutic Recreation Directors under Connecticut State Regulations. With a steadily growing health care field, employment opportunities for Therapeutic Recreation Directors continue to increase.

Youth Worker Certificate

This certificate supports the professional development of people who work with youth, ages 12 and up. Courses prepare youth workers to assist youth, colleagues, organizations, and communities.

Prior to each semester, Human Services students are expected to consult with the Program Coordinator Kim Shea at (203) 285-2116 or e-mail before registering for courses. 

CAREER POSSIBILITIES – What can I do with my education?

Our successful graduates can be found in many diverse career positions such as:

  • Case Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Client Advocate
  • Elder Care Worker
  • Therapeutic Recreation Worker

Click here for a look at the Connecticut Department of Labor market information on Human Services employment, wages and industry growth.

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