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Career Services


The Career Services Office at CT State Gateway understands that everyone can use a little guidance or advice with their career needs.  We strive to guide each student with their respective paths because we understand that no one travels the same journey.  With that in mind we assist you with a variety of services (listed below) that aim to serve you as best possible. Overall we utilize all resources, partnerships acquired and technology within our grasp to assist students in preparing for their career of choice.


The Gateway campus Career Services Office offers the following:

  • We provide individual career counseling sessions, resume and cover letter reviews
  • A centralized career platform through the College Central Network called Career Services Central
    • Click on the College Central Network Logo below  to learn more.
    • Click here to access Career Services Central

College Central Network


  • We offer workshops on a variety of topics including resume building or navigating the application process
  • A career assessment/exploration database called Focus-2 that helps you identify your strengths and potential careers of choice.
    • Click here to learn more about Focus-2
  • We bring in employers for career fairs, information sessions, or connect with you in other ways