How To Apply For Graduation

Graduation is not automatic! The final responsibility for meeting program requirements rests with the student. Students are strongly encouraged to see a counselor to verify eligibility for graduation prior to the start of their last semester. Attend a graduation fair to find out all you need to know!


Step 1—Request a Transcript Evaluation

Students seeking to graduate are advised to first visit the Student Success Center (N213) and request a preliminary transcript evaluation. A counselor or advisor will evaluate a student's transcript at any time and will indicate program requirements that still need to be met. 

  • It is recommended that students request an initial transcript evaluation when 30 credits have been earned. Students enrolled in certificate programs should request this initial evaluation when 9 credits, or half of requirements, have been earned.
  • A transcript evaluation in the Counseling & Student Success Center should be done prior to the student's last semester, and prior to paying the non-refundable graduation fee.

Catalog Year

A candidate for graduation will be evaluated under the catalog year most appropriate, as follows:

  • For Degree Students   The catalog used will be that under which the candidate first enrolled, except as noted in the following:
  1. If the candidate was readmitted to the college after an absence of four (4) consecutive semesters, the catalog used shall be that under which the candidate was readmitted.
  2. When the candidate changes program during attendance, the catalog used shall be that which was in force at the time of the last change in program.
  3. If there has been a change in General Education requirements of the program, the candidate must complete these requirements prior to graduation.
  • For Certificate Students   The catalog used will be that in force at the time enrolled, except that where unusual circumstances exist, as determined by the Registrar, the catalog of readmission or the catalog of graduation may be used in the priority stated.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student must have a cumulative quality GPA of at least 2.0, a minimum of 60 semester hours of credit, and successful completion of required and elective courses as designated by the curriculum to receive an Associate Degree. Students must also fulfill all financial obligations to the college.


Step 2—Apply for Graduation

Once a student has determined he or she has met the above requirements, he or she must fill out the application online and request an official evaluation of credits. There is no fee for graduation.

Awarding of Multiple Associate Degrees

  1. A student who already holds an academic degree may earn a second degree in a different curriculum at a community college. Such as student shall be treated similarly to a transfer student with respect to the minimum number of credits he or she must take for the second degree. This will require that a student meet all program requirements and earn at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the minimum requirements for the new curriculum at the college through which the second degree is to be conferred.
  2. A student may earn two degrees simultaneously at a community college by fulfilling all requirements stated above.
  3. Requests for additional degrees beyond the second require prior approval from the Dean of Students. Students who receive approval must then complete all program requirements, including earning at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the minimum requirements for the new curriculum at the college through which the degree is to be conferred.
  4. Completion of the requirements of an additional program option does not constitute a different degree.