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Gateway to College Application Process

GtC Application Requirements

  1. Meet with your school counselor: Your school counselor will provide you with more information and the link to apply to the program
  2. Complete the online application:The online application link will be provided by your school counselor.  
  3. English & Math Placement:The English placement level will be determined by the High School grades, essays submitted, and during the final interview step. Math placement will be discussed during the interview.
  4. Complete essay: Students will also complete an essay as part of their application. Details & instructions will be attached with the online application form.
  5. Complete an Interview with the Gateway to College Staff: The final step will be to have an interview with the Interim Director for Gateway to College and Gateway to College staff/faculty and New Haven Public Schools staff. This will allow us to learn more about you and for us to further discuss expectations of our program.

If you have any further questions, please email . Or by phone at (203) 285-2205. We look forward to seeing you at Gateway to College!