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Final Grading

Final Grading

Monday, December 12, 2022

Final Grading Opens at noon

Wednesday, December 21 ,2022

Final Grades Due at noon

Friday, December 23, 2022

Final Grades Released to Students at noon

Please note: Grades will be released to students promptly at noon on Friday, Dec. 23, 2022 so students can begin to make Pass/Fail decisions. 

It is imperative that your grades be in on Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022 at noon so that the Registrar’s Office has time to process them for graduation.

If your grades are not in by the deadline, you will not be able to submit them until processing has been completed.


Please submit the letter grade earned by the student as we need to keep a record of the earned grade.

See below for additional Pass/Fail information:

Grading Instructions

    • Please do not leave blanks, make sure every student on your roster has a grade
    • If you have a large roster, make sure to check for a second page 
    • Make sure to SAVE regularly as the final grade roster times out after 30 minutes
    • Please follow the grading guidelines regarding the UF grade notation & Incompletes
  • Once you have completed grade entry, please verify that you have entered every grade. In the top left-hand corner, the message will read “0 ungraded.”

To assist you with online grading, below are both a PDF and Video detailing final grade entry. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

Instructions for Grade Entry (PDF)

Instructions for Grade Entry (Video) 

UF Grade Notation

The UF grade notation was implemented in the Fall 2015 semester. For the full system policy on the UF grade notation, please click here for the PDF. 

Please Note: Do not use the UF grade notation in lieu of an Incomplete grade notation (see more information below). Incorrect use of the UF grade notation can cause students to lose financial aid and/or owe the college money!

When entering the UF grade notation

    • Make sure to enter the last day of participation in the correct format MM/DD/YYYY example: 01/21/2020.
    • The grade worksheet will not save if date is not entered correctly.
  • If the student never attended your course, please enter the date for the day before classes start as the last date of participation. Example, for the Spring 2020 semester enter January 21, 2020 in this format 01/21/2020.

A video with detailed instructions on entering the UF grade notation is located at the top of the Final Grade Worksheet.

Incomplete Grades

Granting of an Incomplete

    1. An Incomplete is a temporary grade assigned by the faculty member when coursework is missing and the student agrees to complete the requirements. Although a student may request an Incomplete, the faculty member is not required to honor the request. The faculty member should assign an Incomplete when there are extenuating circumstances such as illness that prevent a student from completing the assigned work on time and the student has completed most of the course requirements and, in the judgment of the faculty member, the student can complete the remaining work within the time limit established by system policy.
  1. A faculty member who assigns an Incomplete shall file a system report form that includes:
    1. a brief description of the requirements to be completed;
  1. the date by which the coursework must be submitted to the faculty member, which is the end of the tenth week of the next standard semester;
  2. a statement that the Incomplete will change to a specified letter grade if the work is not completed by the end of the tenth week of the next standard semester.
    1. All Incompletes must convert to a letter grade by the end of the following semester. If a student submits the required work on time, the faculty member shall calculate a grade to replace the Incomplete and submit it to the registrar by the end of the semester. If a student fails to complete the required work or fails to submit the work by the specified time, or if the faculty member fails to submit a replacement grade, the registrar shall convert the Incomplete to the letter grade specified in the report form, and that letter grade shall be entered on the student transcript.
  1. Students with an Incomplete are temporarily ineligible for semester or graduation honors. Upon conversion of the Incomplete to a letter grade, students may retroactively receive semester or graduation honors, and such recognition shall appear on the transcript, provided that the student has earned the required grade point average.