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Travel Card Guidelines


Effective July 1, 1998, the State's designated travel agent is Sanditz Business Travel Services, who provides travel services, including air, hotel/auto reservations, air travel information, and airline ticketing. Upon agency approval (approved Travel Authorization request), all state related business travel arrangements must be made in advance by contacting Sanditz Business Travel Services at 1-800-447-3381. Do not obtain tickets directly from an airline or non-designated travel agent.

Air flight costs assignable to the agency may not exceed the cost of a round-trip ticket to/from the official destination.

Generally, airline tickets are nonrefundable.

The procurement procedure for air flight is as follows:

  • Employee contacts Sanditz Business Travel Services directly to discuss needs and to estimate cost
  • Sanditz faxes the employee a preliminary itinerary and cost schedule
  • Employee prepares travel package, obtains necessary approvals and forwards documentation to Business Office for review
  • Business Office audits travel package for compliance to state, agency, and bargaining unit policies and procedures
  • Dean of Administration, Director of Finance, or Fiscal Administrative Supervisor approves travel package
  • Business Office notifies employee of the Travel Authorization Number required by Travel Agency to book the flight
  • Employee calls Sanditz Business Travel to finalize itinerary. Upon verification of Travel Authorization number, Sanditz will book the flight
  • Depending on the airline, the travel agency will
  1. Send the actual ticket to Business Office prior to travel
  2. Send an electronic ticket confirmation to Business Office prior to travel
  • Business Office will contact employee and make arrangements for the disbursement of the ticket, one to three days prior to travel. Actual tickets are to remain locked in the safe until disbursed.


Out-of-state lodging at a non-conference hotel is determined by the Comptroller's Per Diem Rates of Locality Schedule. Please contact the Business Office to determine applicable rates for travel. In-state lodging is not allowable. All claims for lodging must be supported by original receipts.

Conference Hotel

The cost of lodging at an out-of-state conference hotel is allowable. All claims for lodging must be supported by original receipts.

Meal Allowance

Reimbursement for the cost of meals is based on the applicable per diem rates established by current Collective Bargaining Contract.

Please contact the business office for current rates for meal reimbursements.

Sales Tax

Sales tax estimates for lodging should be included as a separate line item on the TA. Contact the hotel to determine the actual rate.


Gratuities are allowable at up to 15% of the total cost of your meals.

Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement for the use of a personal vehicle on authorized college business is based on the rate established by the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA). Each Collective Bargaining Agreement may contain additional mileage reimbursement provisions. Please contact your division secretary for the current rate.

All state employees who are authorized by their agency head to use their own motor vehicles in performance of their duties must carry insurance for a minimum liability of $50,000/$100,000 and $5,000 in property damage or, in lieu thereof, a minimum of $100,000 for liability for bodily injury and property damage.

Proof of insurance must be on file in the Business Office before mileage reimbursement can be authorized. A copy of the face sheet of your automobile insurance policy should be included with your travel package if you will be traveling by automobile.

Actual mileage incurred while traveling on college business will be reimbursed based on the terms and conditions specified in the Collective Bargaining Contracts.

A detailed daily mileage log day should be attached to the Employee Reimbursement Request form. Mileage will be audited utilizing the standards set forth by the State of Connecticut, Public Utilities Commission, Official Mileage Book.


Reimbursement for these costs should be supported by paid receipts.

Registration Fees

Registration fees may be eligible for prepayment if all of the following conditions exit:

  1. An authorized request for prepayment is received in the Business Office at least 45 days prior to registration payment due date
  2. The conference sponsor is willing to accept a college purchase order or transfer invoice
  3. The conference has a refund policy minimizing college liability
  4. A separate purchase requisition is required for prepaid conference fees
  5. Authorized conference fees prepaid by the employee and supported by paid receipts will be reimbursed by the agency.


Rail transportation must be arranged through Sanditz Business Travel. Please follow the procedures outlined for airfare.


Other allowable costs may include:

  • Lump sum reimbursements as authorized by collective bargaining agreements. Contact the Business Office to determine eligibility
  • Tolls/Parking fees. Reimbursement of these fees must be supported by actual receipts
  • Any additional costs related to official travel. Documentation must be provided.

Non-Allowable Costs

Non-allowable costs may include but are not limited to:

  • Automobile rentals, except through State Motor Pool
  • Non-business related expenditures
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Other Travel Considerations

Funding Through Collective Bargaining Agreements

Special funding for tuition, retraining, and travel may be available through funds established in the travel provisions of the Collective Bargaining Contracts. A special appropriation is maintained by the State Comptroller (Agency Code 9916) to provide money for classified unit members.

Cancellation of Travel

Once travel arrangements have been finalized, it is the employee's responsibility to make every effort to carry them out. In the case of an emergency, the Business Office must be notified in writing immediately of the cancellation. The employee will be liable for any unrecoverable prepaid fees resulting from travel cancellations.


Employee Reimbursement Request (CO-17XP-PR)

Reimbursement of expenses incurred while conducting approved college business is handled through the completion of an Employee Reimbursement Request form. This form is used to report all non-payroll amounts including travel expenses (meals, lodging, and mileage) and tuition and training costs captured through professional development and/or retraining funds. The signature of the employee requesting reimbursement is required. Additionally, the following documentation must be attached in order to obtain reimbursement:

  • Original receipts must be attached for
    1. Expenditures of $25 or more
    2. Taxi/shuttle reimbursement
  • Airline tickets or copies
  • Detailed daily mileage log

Timely submission of the CO-17XP-PR to the Business Office is required to avoid delays in reimbursement. All employee reimbursement will be processed through the payroll system and included with the employee's payroll check. Please call the Business Office if there are any questions.

Federal Per Diem Rates

The federal government established a maximum per diem meal rate that applies to staff requesting reimbursement for travel expenses on form CO-17XP-PR. If the meal allowance claimed exceeds the total federal allowance based on the rates established in the Collective Bargaining Agreements, the difference is reflected as earned income on your biweekly payroll check. The Business Office will inform you if your reimbursement includes taxable income.