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Student Email Instructions

At Gateway we utilize a state-of-the-art software portal called myCommNet, which allows you to access your grades, schedule, online coursework, and library databases, all with the same NetID (user name and password). You can access the software portal at

Your NetID

Your user name and password is referred to as your NetID. As a student, your NetID is composed of the following two items:

  1. Username: Banner ID (without the “@”)
  2. Domain:

For Example: A student with a Banner ID of @87654321 will have the following NetID: 

Setting Up Your Password on the First Use

The initial password for all new NetIDs will be based on a combination of personal information of your birth date and social security number. Specifically, the following three items will makeup the initial password:

  1. 1st three characters of birth month (with first letter capitalized)
  2. The ampersand character — &
  3. Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

For example, a user with a birth date of 10/24/79 and social security number of 123-45-6789 will have the initial password of: Oct&6789.

You will be forced to change your password the first time you logon. This password will be good for 90 days, at which time the system will ask you to change your password again.

Further Information & Assistance

Please Note—If you have a problem with your NetID and password, assistance cannot be given via email. You must call in and verify your account, or come to the campus in person. We will gladly help you so that you have the best experience possible on our systems.