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Here at Gateway Community College (GCC) we understand that your time is valuable and that life can often pull you in various directions. This page is designed to offer you some basic help when you do not have the time to see any of our staff members. Please navigate the page as needed and download/save any applicable documents.


  • In a bind? Rushing to get your resume together? Download/save and edit the following Sample Resumes with your information/work history:
  • Want to create your own resume from scratch? Use the resources below to help guide you on your resume writing journey:


  • Never wrote a cover letter? Do not know where to start? Check out the helpful documents with tips below. In particular download/save and edit the Cover Letter Sample below:

IMPORTANT: Remember that the sample is only a guide and the letter should be written from start to finish in your own words.


  • Need even more guidance? Not a problem, listen to our recorded presentation by clicking on the link below. We offer even more information to guide you with writing your resume and cover letter.

Webex meeting recording:

FESP: Resume & Cover Letter Workshop


  • Have an interview lined up? Congratulations! Now you must do your best to impress the employer on why you would be an ideal candidate for their organization. Click on the Interview Tips document below for a host of helpful tips:
  • Interviewing Tips (pending)

Message from GCC Career Services

As always this is a judgement free zone. We know the information we know in Career Services due to experience, but most importantly because someone guided us correctly at some point in our life. If you need further assistance and cannot do on your own, we encourage you to reach out to us. 

Please click here to access our contact information.

Need an appointment?  Please click here to schedule with us.