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Focus-2 Career Assessment Tool

FOCUS – 2 Career Self-Assessment Tool

FOCUS-2® is an easy-to-use online career self-assessment system that can help you explore your values, interests, personality, and skills and their relation to possible majors/programs and careers. With access via the web, you can explore career options for all the majors/programs offered at Gateway, using self-guided, interactive exercises.  FOCUS-2® provides links to more than 800 career possibilities, including video links to more than 300 careers.

All information can be saved “as you go” for quick and easy retrieval, and all results can be combined in a personal portfolio. You can print out all your results yourself. We also recommend you meet with a trained career adviser to further explain your results and discuss career planning.

FOCUS-2 Log-in Instructions 

  • First-time Users:  Create a new account. Use the following ACCESS CODE when prompted: LIONS
  • Returning Users:  Log on (using the account you have already created)


Educational Options

After you have explored your own interests and aptitudes, and discovered which occupations suit you best, your next step is to consider educational options that will lead you to your career goals. Below, explore what Gateway offers to you: