Facilities & Maintenance Objective

The objective of Facilities & Maintenance is to provide a safe, secure, and healthful environment to all students and facility occupants. We will strive to continuously improve our service processes and our customer satisfaction levels such that the facilities are maintained in a satisfactory and attractive condition. To this end, an adequate staff of professional maintainers and sufficient supplies and equipment are provided to the GCC Community.

Maintenance Requests

We prefer that all maintenance requests are made electronically or by filling out a request form. Telephone orders are for emergencies only.

Click the link and submit it to Maintenance. You will receive a confirmation email.

Event Reservation Requests

To make event reservation requests, please email Charlene Thomas with your requests. All requests need to include the following information:

  • Title of Event
  • Start Day & Date
  • Begin Time
  • End Time
  • Room Requested
  • Contact Person
  • Capacity Expected 

Contact Info

For more information contact

Sharon Aceto
Associate Dean of Campus Operations

Joe Prince
Superintendnt II


Event Reservations

For more information contact

Charlene Thomas
Event Reservations