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Computer Use For Class

Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses

Any Gateway Community College course may require substantial computer based learning including use of the Internet, e-text books, instructional software, Blackboard*, research data bases, online assignments, etc., for the completion of class assignments, homework, research and assessments.

Computer- based learning experiences may be used in place of or in addition to traditional lectures for some lessons. All students have access to computer laboratories. Computer access is also available in the college library.

*Blackboard e-Learning Platform

Blackboard is an e-Learning platform used by the Connecticut Community Colleges to deliver and manage course material on the web. All online and hybrid courses are taught using Blackboard. Additionally, all college faculty post their class syllabi on Blackboard and many also use Blackboard as a supplement to classroom instruction. For example, to post announcements and course materials, administer examinations, submit student grades, and communicate with their students through e-mail, discussion forums, etc. Students are required to check Blackboard for course activity information in the event of a course cancellation.

Students can learn about how to use Blackboard by visiting our Distance Education office in Room N313 (Third floor of the North Building), calling us at 203-285-2570, or by visiting the Blackboard Support for Students webpage.