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First Time Supervisor Part 1

Making the transition from top performing employee to top performing supervisor is often difficult.

Management styles define success of the supervisor, success of the team and success of the department.


    • How to build morale and a stronger team
    • How to manage perceptions and conflicts
    • How to gain strategies for time-management and improve problem-solving skills
    • Smoothly make the transition from co-worker/ friend to supervisor
    • How to know when to coach or when to discipline

The two-day training provides solid management skills and supervisory examples needed to be successful in a new management role.

CRN 80509 | PART I
Thursday & Friday, November 16 & 17
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - N006 - TRAD

Dates: 11/16/2023


Tuition: $325
Room: N006
Instructor: Tameika Miller