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Notice Of Electronic Monitoring And Acceptable Use Policy


This notice is the CSCU’s practice to address all faculty, staff, and student employees each semester about the CSCU policy concerning the use of various information technology devices. Use of the information technology infrastructure has become commonplace at the CSCU, as it has in virtually all businesses and institutions. Please read carefully the following statement about privacy issues and legal considerations in that regard. The statement below is released from the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities and includes the attached Public Act 98-142. Policy IT-002, Electronic Communication, outlines the system's position on email usage as the official means of communications within the CSCU.

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities deems it necessary and advisable and in the best interest of the constituent units, to again raise awareness and re-emphasize legal considerations concerning information technology devices in use throughout the system.

There are several information technology devices in use in the CSCU System. These devices are the property of the State of Connecticut and use thereof by the user is restricted to the performance of official State business or activities approved through the collective bargaining process. Information related to usage and utilization of these devices and the overall CSCU technological environment is constantly being collected.

The Connecticut State College and University System information technology infrastructure includes a telephone system, a communications network, Internet access, computer servers and computer workstations. Information related to the usage of this infrastructure is collected and logged. All users of these devices are hereby advised and notified that these devices produce data and reports related to information stored, sent and retrieved for the purposes of recording usage and utilization. While system personnel do not review the contents of this material except when necessary in the course of the discharge of official duties and as permitted by law, each user should know and is hereby notified that all such information is subject to subpoena, discovery, the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act and such other disclosure processes as may be authorized by law.

This notice is issued pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 98-142.

In addition, I’ve attached a link to IT-002, Electronic Communication; outlining the systems position on email usage as the official means of communications within the CSCU. The policy also outlines rules on auto-forwarding, retention and a number of factors dealing with electronic communications.

Click Here For Policy