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Steps for Accessing Services

Steps for Accessing Services

Academic adjustments cannot be arranged unless a student initiates a request for adjustment through SAS each semester, provides the necessary documentation, and schedules an intake appointment with a specialist. Academic Adjustment Letters are not automatically drafted; therefore, an appointment with a specialist must be made every semester.

Step One:

Students who have a GCC Banner ID number can register online with SAS through the following link: Alternatively, students can schedule an appointment directly with an Accessibility Specialist.

Step Two:

Obtain appropriate medical documentation relevant to your disability. Documentation guidelines for specific disabilities can be accessed at: /Student-Accessibility-Services/Documentation-Guidelines.

Step Three:

Upload supporting medical documentation to your Accommodate Portal. Documentation may be submitted separately by fax, mail or in person.

Fax:   (203) 285-2232


Student Accessibility Services
Gateway Community College
20 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Step Four:

You will receive an email or phone notification about your request for academic adjustments and the appropriate next step. Please make sure to check GCC email.

Step Five:

Once approved for academic adjustments, it will be the students’ responsibility to request academic adjustments in a timely manner each semester.