What sports are offered at Gateway Community College?

Men's and Women's basketball are offered as NJCAA intercollegiate sports. The following are offered as intramural sports:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football coming in spring 2023

What is meant by intercollegiate sports?

Intercollegiate sports are played at the collegiate level and are organized through the National Junior College Athletic Association (Region XXI). GCC is obliged to abide by its rules of eligibility and code of ethics. Click here for more information on our NJCAA basketball teams.

What is the eligibility requirement for participation in intercollegiate sports?

Students must enroll in twelve (12) credits (full time), and must maintain certain GPA requirements. 

What is meant by intramural sports?

Intramurals are sports played within the GCC community by GCC students only.