Our Mission

Communications and Marketing are dedicated to promoting the image, brand, and reputation of the community colleges that make up the Connecticut State Community College Shoreline-West Region by positively influencing perceptions of our institutional capabilities, resources, programs and culture. We support the CSCC mission by providing timely, relevant and honest information to all internal and external audiences. We work closely with local, state and national media to promote our college communities as a region, and as individual campuses.  We keep the public and our internal communities informed about the quality and diversity on our campuses, the relevance of our programming to workforce needs, and the college’s commitment to create a culture of assessment focused on students.  

Through the practice of shared services, we develop news, feature stories, advertising and communications on college events, registration initiatives, programs and workforce initiatives, student achievements, and faculty expertise to the print, social media and broadcast media outlets. We do this through paid advertising, social media, press releases, print publications, personal pitches to reporters, press conferences (when appropriate) and postings on the college website. We oversee the college’s website, and provide design and printing for Annual Reports, Fact Sheets, Registration Guides, Commencement Invitation and Program, specialty publications, informational collaterals and announcements on campus messaging (posters & monitors).

We are committed to utilizing our collective experience, judgment and expertise to provide the most effective and creative marketing, communications and public relations services to our campuses and our region, and we take seriously our responsibility to provide objective strategic counsel based on sound principles of marketing and communications. We honor and value the expertise of each member of the Communications and Marketing team across the region, and recognize that our success as a team reflects our individual and collective efforts. 

We are committed to being open, honest and responsive to requests from the public and the media.  Whenever possible, and in the absence of a compelling reason for confidentiality. Information about Gateway Community College, Housatonic Community College, and Norwalk Community College is made available to the public.


What We Do




  • Communication Audits
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Program name generation
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Online ad campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • SEO

Public Affairs




  • Feature stories
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Printing & Mailing
  • Video Creation
  • Photography


Request Services

Marketing/PR requests require a two week turn-around minimum.
For quicker turn-arounds please contact the Marketing Office prior to filling out the form to guarantee expedited services. MAKE A REQUEST

The Marketing and Communications Team