Gateway Community College

CCC Computer & myCommNet “NetID” Logon Procedures: “myCommNet” =

To log on: (General instructions followed by First-Time* & password explanations.)

  1. Enter your Banner Number (without the “@” sign in front), followed by the “” domain, in the “User name” (i.e.,“NetID”) box.
  2. Enter your password** in the box labeled “Password”. (See below...)
  3. Press the “Enter” key, or click on the arrow button.

*First-Timers are only those who have never logged onto a lab/classroom computer at any Connecticut Community College campus, or “myCommNet”, since August 2005.

Your First-Time-Only Password is as Follows...

The first 3 letters of your birth month, with only the first letter capitalized, followed by the ampersand (“and” symbol) “&” (key in “Shift” + “7”), followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, if you do not have an SSN, please go to the Information Desk or room LA133A or see any Computer Services (IT) member for assistance…

“User name” / “NetID” – Example Format: “”

First-Time-Once-Only Password – Example Format: “Jan&1234”

**You will have to change your password the first time logging on, and then every 180 days. Users must have listed a personal email address when seeking admission in order to use the online password change email method. – Follow these password rules closely:

Password requirements:

  1. Must be at least 8 characters long.
  2. May NOT resemble any part of your name, your NetID/Username, or birth date.
  3. Must contain at least 1 UPPERCASE letter and 1 lowercase letter.
  4. Must contain at least 1 symbol (~!@$%^*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"<>’,.?/) or number. Please Note: Avoid the “&” sign (because “&” can sometimes prevent CCC email access). Moreover, it is recommended to avoid “#”, which is used in password resets.
  5. May not be a repeat/resemblance of any previous password including the last 24.

The first time at a machine, signing in to myCommNet, you will be required to supply “more information” for verification. At the “Microsoft Authenticator” prompt, click the link to “use a different method” and choose the “phone” method from the dropdown, then supply your number to receive a verification code.

Note: If you forget your password, or get “locked out” after multiple attempts, you can [change password (and unlock account)] at any of the computer “kiosks” located in the lobbies and hallways of the college (or your computer at home or elsewhere) by going to:

“Reset Your Password” on Then, on the “Reset NetID Password” page, choose the method and supply the requested information.

To enter Blackboard for your course(s), after logging into “myCommNet” resources, click on the “Bb” icon near the upper right corner, or the “Blackboard” link under the “Home” tab and the category “Access Your Blackboard Courses”.

PLEASE PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY, AND KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT ENABLED, REMEMBER TO SIGN OUT of “Blackboard” & “myCommNet”, if you used them, then Windows or Mac IF you were required to LOGON to the DESKTOP, NOT the KIOSKs!!

PCs: (Click Start/User logo/Sign out) All Machines: (Make sure the log off completes before leaving.)

Macintosh Computers: (Click Apple Menu/Log Out …, or key combo {Shift} + {Command} + “Q”)