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Every October 1 the College posts lists for:

For more information regarding the procedure, please review your Union contract available from the Collective Bargaining page.

A tenured appointment normally will not be offered to an employee until he/she will have, by September 1 of the year such appointment is to be effective completed six (6) years of full-time service at the same college, at least three (3) years of which must be in a current job function.

Members are eligible to apply for promotion when they believe they’ve met the standards for promotion. Minimum requirements shall determine eligibility, but shall not guarantee a right to a promotion, which shall remain within the sole discretion of the President.

There shall be periodic evaluation by the employer of all unclassified employees

  • in each of their first two appointment periods;
  • once in every three years thereafter for those on regular appointments;
  • once in every five years thereafter for those holding tenured appointments.

A professional staff member on tenure track appointment will become eligible for sabbatical leave after completion of six consecutive years of full time service at a college. 

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