Distance Learning Registration

Congratulations on your decision to attend Gateway Community College. We are excited to have you become a new member of the college community. Whether you are just out of high school, attending as a first-time college student later in life, or you are resuming your studies after some time away, we are here to help you realize your goals. With over 90 accredited degree and certificate programs and a large selection of continuing education courses, you will find what you need. We are here to help you succeed in realizing your goals, whether they are in pursuit of an academic degree, for career enhancement, or for personal enrichment.

Your Steps to Successful Enrollment

  1. Complete the Admissions Application
  2. Submit your Documents to Admissions
  3. Apply for Financial Aid (optional)
  4. Set up and log in to your myCommNet account
  5. Take your Placement Tests (or utilize your SAT or ACT scores)
  6. Set up a distance Academic Advising appointment
  7. Pay your Tuition and Fees