Advising FAQs

Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Guided Pathways Advising?

Guided Pathways Advising is a dynamic student-centered holistic approach grounded in student development and learning. GP Advisors align advising practices with the diverse and unique needs of each individual student in their caseload. GP Advisors advise, advocate, mentor, support, and coach their caseload to reach their individual goals. Click HERE to learn more about Guided Pathways Advising.

Who is my Guided Pathways Advisor?

Visit DegreeWorks by logging onto your CommNet and clicking “Accessing DegreeWorks.” Your Guided Pathways Advisor will be listed at the top of the page. If you cannot locate your advisor, contact the advising office at 203-285-2090 or

How do I make an appointment with my Guided Pathways Advisor?

Students can check their GCC email for correspondence from their Guided Pathways Advisor that includes instructions on scheduling appointments. Students can also contact the advising office at 203-285-2090 or

How do I connect with a Faculty Advisor?

To connect with a Faculty Advisor or Program Coordinator, go HERE.

What is the difference between my Faculty Advisor or Program Coordinator and my Guided Pathways Advisor?

Guided Pathways Advisors work out of the Student Success Center and provide holistic support to enrolled students form the point of registration to graduation. Faculty Advisors and Program Coordinators support students in their areas of study, providing information and opportunities associated with the student’s specific degree path. Both advisors collaborate to ensure students’ academic and holistic needs are being addressed. We encourage students to develop relationships with both their Guided Pathways Advisor and their Faculty Advisor or Program Coordinator so they are able to expand their network of support and expertise in their field of interest.

How do I register for courses?

New students must meet with an advisor prior to registering. Continuing students that have already met with their Guided Pathways Advisor and determined their courses for the next semester can register independently through Mycommnet. To view a video tutorial for online registration HERE. Course descriptions can be viewed HERE.

I have a hold on my account, how do I get it removed so I can register for classes?

  • MMRV and Admissions holds: Admissions has placed these holds on your account due to missing documentation. Please follow up with Admissions to submit your documents and remove the hold to allow for registration by emailing
  • SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) hold: An appointment with your Guided Pathways Advisor is required to determine a plan of action that will give you the best chance of receiving financial aid and being in good academic standing. Once this plan is in place, the hold can be removed. Please schedule an appointment with your Guided Pathways Advisor to discuss your academic status.
  • Accounts Receivable hold: This hold indicates that you owe a balance to the school. Students are encouraged to follow up with the Student Accounts Office for further assistance.

I am a transfer student - what do I do next?

Students transferring into GCC should contact the Student Success Center to schedule an advising appointment once they have completed all the Admissions steps detailed here. In addition to submitting your official transcripts to the admissions office, you should also bring unofficial copies of your transcripts from all previous colleges to your initial advising appointment. Student can also upload these documents prior to their appointment here.

I already sent my transcripts and other documents to Admissions, why do I need to send them to the Advising and Student Success Center too?

The advisors in the Student Success Center want to ensure that they have access to your academic history at the time of your appointment. Access to transcripts, even unofficial versions, will allow advisors to have a deeper conversation about your next registration steps. Advisement based on unofficial transcripts does not guarantee that all of your courses will be officially accepted by the school, however your advisor will walk you through your different options and co-create an alternative plan should any courses not transfer over.

How do I make sure my transcripts from a different college are officially evaluated by the office of Admissions?

Complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation HERE

How do I get my official transcript sent to another college that I am transferring to?

Click HERE to submit your request to the Registrar’s Office.

I have questions about general program requirements

Students can refer to the college catalog for information about the various programs on campus. This can be found on the website.

How do I get into the Nursing program?

Please view the Nursing Info Packet and attend a Nursing Information session: more info HERE

BIO 105 (Intro to Biology) is full. Now what can I do?

Students trying to take a BIO 105 class should consider the following options:

Keep checking online to see if a spot opens. The department will NOT over-enroll any lab Biology classes. Your only option to add a class is to add it if a spot opens.

Take it at another community college. Many Gateway students go to Housatonic Community College (HCC) in Bridgeport to take this class because HCC offers a wide selection of Summer and Fall Biology classes. You would have to go there to register for the class. If you are receiving Financial Aid, check with the Financial Aid office to see if you are eligible to have it covered through a consortium agreement.

Am I eligible for the Fresh Start program?

Fresh Start is available to readmit students who have not attended college for 4 consecutive semesters and have a GPA below 2.00. Contact your Guided Pathways Advisor to see if this is a good option for you.

Am I eligible for graduation?

Please schedule an appointment with your Guided Pathways Advisor to review your degree evaluation.

If your question was not answered above, please contact the advising office for further assistance by calling 203-285-2090 or