Sex Offender Registration

Per Board of Regents' Policy, all individuals on the sex offender registry are required to complete an assessment prior to admission. The process has been outlined below.


  • Student Initiates Contact with Dean of Students: N220, (203) 285-2210
  • Student provides copies of the following documentation:

​                First Time

  • Criminal History (obtained from CT State Police) (
    Connecticut only criminal history record search
    Request Form
  • Static 2002 Sex Offender Assessment, or comparable assessment
    (obtained from Sex Offender Treatment Program)
  • Letters of Recommendation/Treatment Progress from Therapist/Clinicians
  • Certified Police Report/Original Charges (obtained from State Police or Local Municipalities): Request Form, or Arresting Town)
  • Court-imposed conditions/conditions of probation/parole*
  • Probatio/Parolen Verification Form: Initial Assessment (Download)
  • Documentation from clinicians, therapists, treatment providers (recommended)


  • Probation Verification Form: Ongoing Assessment (Download)
  • Progress documentation from treatment providers (recommended)

If not on probation, student needs to provide proof/verification.

  • College Reviews Information
  • Meeting is scheduled to review all information and conduct assessment.


  • Student meets with academic advisor and prepares a schedule
  • Student completes SOR Registration Form and delivers to Student Development for approval
  • Registration is pending final approval from Dean of Students and Board of Regents.

Recommendation & Dean's Approval

  • Student Development sends recommendation to Dean of Students and Board of Regents
  • If recommended and approved, student is registered for classes and can pick up copy of schedule in Student Development
  • If denied, process ends and individual is not permitted to take classes at this institution.