January 6, 2022

Fellow Educators,

Due to anticipated inclement weather, Gateway Community College will be closed on Friday, January 7, 2022. Level 1 employees who are required to be on campus will receive further instructions from their supervisors.

Please note that this is a shift from virtual operation tomorrow to closure of the college. Saturday's Enroll in a Day event will be a virtual event, and we plan to reopen according to our regular schedule on Monday, January 10, 2022.

We will send updates as necessary, and post on social media and the college website.

Thank you and stay safe and warm.


William 'Terry' Brown

Chief Executive Officer


Please follow the guidelines below in the event that the college needs to switch to remote operations due to inclement weather or other causes. 

Operations will continue as follows:

  • All scheduled virtual and in-person classes will be held online.
  • Level 1 (essential) staff are required to report at their normal work times. 
  • Non-Level 1 staff and administrators will telework from home. For more information about work procedures during winter weather events. See the information below on work procedures. 
  • Students with clinical rotations, internships, or other in-person off-campus commitments are to follow the requirements of their host agency. 
  • All scheduled on-campus events are postponed.
  • Bookstore, library, etc. will be accessed online. 


Snow Parking Restrictions: Level 1 Employees coming to campus will be directed to park in designated areas. All other employees are to remove cars from no-covered parking areas to facilitate snow removal.


Non-Level 1 Work Procedures:

Faculty are asked to transition any planned on-ground classes and/or exams to remote learning modalities. Faculty must ensure their students are aware that there will be no classes on campus or activities. Faculty unable to make the transition to an online learning modality must notify their respective Dean/Director immediately to determine what, if any, action may be needed to ensure we comply with classroom instructional hours and/or required make up time/exams.

Staff who are not Level 1 employees and have demonstrated a history of the ability to telework are not required to come to campus and should make plans with their supervisor to provide services remotely. We ask you to use your best judgment in your decision should you elect to come to campus. 

Staff who are not level 1 employees and have not demonstrated an ability to telework, we ask you to speak with your supervisor. You will not be required to come to campus or use accrued time if you elect to remain at home. You will receive instructions on how to complete your timesheet at a later time.


We want to remind you that all employees are expected, during your normal working hours, to remain available to receive and respond to communications via email, Webex, Teams and other methods, attend scheduled meetings, and perform other job-related duties as you have done on days when you are scheduled for telework.