Many of our students come to school while facing a wealth of challenges, including financial burdens, emotional trouble, and familial issues. While we cannot meet every need of every student, many offices on campus are equipped to address the diverse issues that may arise. Additionally, the College has fostered many relationships with community agencies to provide direction and support. Please familiarize yourself with the resources available to best assist our students. 

Disability and Accessibility

CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services 
Available for a wealth of resources and services. Contact directly, or through GCC Student Disability Services

GCC Student Disability Services 
Available for referrals, and accommodations.


Financial Planning Workshops    
Provided each semester by Student Activities and Leadership Programs

Center for Students and Families    
Provides referrals for direct financial support and other services at the College and throughout the community.

Food Resources

Center for Students & Families

Student Activities & Leadership Programs
Limited resources for emergency food needs.

Emotional & Psychological

GCC Behavioral Assessment Team    
Ongoing assessment and management of students with behavior causing concern. Make referrals through the Office of Student Development.

Student Success Center    
Personal counseling provided on a limited basis, and referrals made to external service providers.

External Referrals    
A list of external service providers updated regularly by the Counseling and Student Success Center.


Center for Students and Families    
Referrals to emergency housing services, and affordable housing.

External Housing Resources    
A list of regularly updated external housing services.


External Referrals    
A list of regularly updated external service providers.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

New Haven Gay & Lesbian Community Center    
Information on support resources and social engagement opportunities for LGBTQIA persons (Under "Calendar" tab.)

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

GCC Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Response Guide




*Please contact the office of student development to add to this list.

Referral Contact Information