Students who have been approved for exam/quiz adjustments are encouraged to work with their instructors to arrange to take exams with the instructor or in the department when possible. When an instructor/department cannot proctor the exam for the student, the exam can be scheduled at SAS.

Students arriving late to their exam will have the time deducted from the scheduled appointment. Due to logistical issues, SAS will not administer exams if the student shows up more than 15 minutes past their start time.

Exams & Quizzes Scheduled at SAS

  • Exams or quizzes must be scheduled to start on the half hour and must be taken during the hours of 8:30a to 4p Monday through Friday. Extended office hours are determined from semester to semester; please contact SAS for up-to-date information
  • During the Fall and Spring semesters, exams/quizzes must be scheduled at least one (1) week in advance to ensure space is available. Discuss alternate arrangements with professors and SAS if unannounced quizzes are a possibility. There is more scheduling flexibility during Summer/Winter sessions
  • Students pick up a test proctoring envelope and take it to their professors to confirm exam arrangements and exam drop off
  • Students should schedule their exams on the same date/time as their class. Exceptions to this requirement may be made due to SAS’s inability to have a scribe, reader, or computer available at the requested time, or due to a student’s academic schedule not permitting full use of allotted extended time. Students needing extended time should determine their start time to ensure that exams are completed by 4:00 PM
  • Exams are taken in one sitting unless an instructor has made prior arrangements with the SAS to divide the exam into sections
  • Students approved for additional test adjustments, such as scribes, readers, computers, and/or other adaptive technology, will need to request these adjustments when they schedule their exams.

SAS adheres to the College’s policy on academic honesty and integrity. If SAS believes that a violation has occurred, the student’s professor will be notified.