Class Sculptures on Display

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

While GCC art instructor Susan Reinhart teaches sculpture, what her course is really about, she says, is “learning to see.”

Last semester, Reinhart’s Sculpture I students spent many hours studying a model. She urged them to not only take note of his eyes, cheekbones and mouth, the parts of a face that naturally draw people in, but also to look closely at the length of his forehead, the actual size of his ears, the back of his head. Artists must notice details; they need to look from different perspectives and angles, she said. A few weeks into the course, students often talk about all they are discovering in the faces of people they have seen so many times before.

Pictured below are the sculptures created last semester by the students in Reinhart’s Sculpture I class. Their work and the work of GCC students from other art courses – including drawings, sketches, paintings, design work and photographs - have been on display on the third floor of the south building in the cases and outside the art classrooms.


The Studio Art program at Gateway provides a strong basic foundation in the visual arts along with a background in general education. Furthermore, it prepares students for continued study or for employment by enabling them to build a portfolio of artwork that exhibits their proficiency in Studio Art. For students seeking greater personal and creative fulfillment, this program also promotes art as an avocation. To learn more, visit the Studio Art program page.