Writer and Educator Suzanne Palmieri: "Persevere in Your Dreams Despite Obstacles"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Suzanne Palmieri’s recent success as a published author only serves to make her story all the more fascinating. Having graduated from Wilbur Cross High School High School by the skin of her nose, and with the support of her English teacher Ruth Schwartz, Palmieri, an adjunct professor at Gateway Community College, lasted just a few semesters at college. At 22 she became pregnant and went on welfare. 

Things began to improve in 1995 when Palmieri graduated from Albertus Magnus, in New Haven, with honors; a triumphant moment compounded as she carried her daughter in her arms across the stage to receive her diploma. She then went on to receive a Presidential Scholarship to attend Fordham University, in New York, where she completed her Masters degree. Palmieri returned to New Haven and began teaching. Shortly thereafter she married and had two more girls.

After several years of working and raising a family, Palmieri rekindled her love of story-telling by writing The Witch of Little Italy. After sending the manuscript out to a few publishing houses, she began an online correspondence with fellow writer Loretta Nyhan. The exchanges between the two women were written as World War II wives and evolved into the coauthored novel I'll be Seeing You, penned under the name Suzanne Hayes. These books fetched Palmieri signing deals from two different publishers in September 2011 for two books each, something Palmieri attributes to a touch of magic. The Witch of Little Italy and I'll be Seeing You were released on March 26 and May 28 respectively. 

Palmieri hopes that her success will inspire students like her to persevere in their dreams despite obstacles. For more information, visit her website at http://suzannepalmieri.com.