GCC Staffer Recognized for Contributions

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GCC Administrative Assistant Amy Defigueiredo has received a Fresh Check Day Uplifter Award from the Jordan Porco Foundation. Defigueiredo received the award for her key role in assisting with the success of Fresh Check Day.

Fresh Check Day is a fun mental health fair that includes peer-run interactive booths, free food, music, and prizes and giveaways. It was held on Tuesday, April 3 at Gateway Community College. Fresh Check Day Uplifter Awards recognize individuals or groups that helped make important and noteworthy contributions to the success of Fresh Check Day.

According to GCC Accessibility Specialist and co-worker Samantha Kusiak (who nominated Defigueiredo for the award):

"Amy was integral in assisting with the success of this event, including all phases of planning, designing, and execution. Not only did she coordinate setting up the function space and volunteer assistance, she procured a very generous food donation." In addition, Kusiak said Defigueiredo was "caring" and "dedicated" — qualities that ensured Fresh Check Day was a success at GCC.

Congratulations Amy!

To learn more about Fresh Check Day, visit freshcheckday.com.