GCC IT Director Larry Salay Speaks at Regional Technology Events

Thursday, May 9, 2013

IT Director Larry Salay and his counterpart at the University of Pennsylvania presented at the Dell Solutions Center in New York on April 17. They discussed current needs and future trends, such as BYOD, and how that will impact future purchasing and software licensing. They also got a first look at the next generation of Dell mobile devices. A week later, Larry was invited to an executive "meet and greet" with nearly 50 other technology directors and CIO's of the New York/Connecticut area, where he got to meet with Michael Dell, and share the story of Gateway Community College- how we are now in a brand new, technologically advanced campus, with much of the campus equipped with Dell technology.

On May 20, Salay will participate in the NERCOMP event on Thin Client Desktop technology at the University of Massachusetts- Lowell, where he will explain the what, how and why we utilized thin clients at our new campus, and present the positives, negatives, and how to avoid pitfalls