Adjunct Instructor Takes Part in Documentary, "Why We Hate"

Monday, February 25, 2019

Patricia Schnepf-Corey, an adjunct instructor in the Social Science department at GCC, along with her daughters Paige, age four, and Harper, age two, recently took part in filming the upcoming documentary entitled, “Why We Hate.”

The documentary explores hatred as a human experience and how to overcome it.  It is being produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney.  A six-part television series, it is set to air this year on the Discovery Channel.

A New Haven resident, Schnepf-Corey teaches Western Civilization and United States History and has been working at GCC for eight years.  She said that when she learned that young volunteers were needed for a unique cognitive program taking place over a period of time, she decided to apply and her children were accepted.

The early childhood cognitive study with Yale University’s Infant Cognitive Center offers her children the chance to experience different workshops.  The findings will help researchers understand how children engage with one another, as well as better understand their bias as young individuals.

“My children are gaining much in terms of interpersonal skills and becoming intellectually challenged and rewarded by their accomplishments,” Schnepf-Corey said, adding that she sees this type of study as benefiting humanity in terms of individuals valuing one another more with respect to race and culture. 

Patricia Schnepf-Corey pictured with her husband, Jason, and daughters Paige and Harper.