Enrollment Management, a sub-division of Student Affairs, represents the set of student service offices and programs that bring students "to and through" the business portions of the college experience. Enrollment Management is dedicated to fostering an environment where offices and divisions can work collaboratively to enhance the quality of the student experience in working with the college.

The offices within Enrollment Management include:


The Admissions Office provides information to a diverse population about educational opportunities at Gateway Community College. We facilitate and implement the admissions process, and assist students in making program choices to pursue their career, educational, and personal goals.


The Registrar's Office (formerly "Records") coordinates registration services and assists students in accessing and maintaining their academic history. 

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office works with students to provide access to higher education by minimizing economic barriers.  The office helps students apply for financial aid and provides financing options through state and federal grants, college loans, work-study, and scholarships.