*Per Board of Trustees of Community-Technical Colleges Policy Manual


6.5.5 Refunds of Tuition & Fees

I. Required Fees
The college services fee and student activity fee paid by all students registering for credit general tuition funded courses, or credit extension funded courses, are non-refundable, except when course sections cancelled by the College would result in a change in fees otherwise due.
The mandatory clinical fee paid each Fall and Spring by enrolled students matriculated and declaring a major in a Level 1 or 2 Allied Health program as defined in 6.5.2.II B, is non-refundable, except that a student who drops out of the Allied Health program entirely or who has no enrollment in any credit courses as of the end of the college’s official drop-add period, may request a full refund of the clinical fee or elimination of the fee receivable from his or her account.
The mandatory laboratory and studio fees paid by all students for each registration in a general/tuition or extension funded credit course with a laboratory or studio requirement as defined in 6.5.2.II B, is refundable according to the same terms and schedule as the applicable tuition or extension fee refund, and is 100% refundable when the course section is cancelled by the college.

II. General Tuition Funded Courses

A. Refund Schedule—General
For notice of withdrawal received prior to the first day of college classes for that semester, a refund of one hundred percent (100%) of total tuition will be granted for both full- and part-time students.
For notice of withdrawal received on the first day of classes and through the fourteenth (14th) calendar day of that semester, a refund of fifty percent (50%) of total tuition applicable to the courses for which registered will be granted for both full- and part-time students.
For a reduction in load which occurs on the first day of classes and through the fourteenth (14th) calendar day of that semester, fifty percent (50%) of the difference of the tuition applicable to the original and revised course schedule will be refunded.
No refund of tuition will be granted for either full- or part-time students beyond the fourteenth (14th) calendar day after the first day of classes.
B. Refund Schedule—Armed Services
One hundred percent (100%) refund of tuition and fees will be granted to students entering the armed services before earning degree credit in any semester, or upon submitting notice in writing of withdrawal accompanied by a certified copy of enlistment papers.
C. Special Fees—The following Special Fees are Non-Refundable:
  • Application Fee
  • Program Enrollment Fee
  • Late Registration Fee
  • Graduation Fee
  • Replacement of lost ID Card Fee
  • Academic Evaluation Fee
  • Portfolio Assessment Fee
D. Students Covered    For purposes of the refund policy outlined above, an individual is considered a student when he or she has registered and paid, in part or full, either by cash or by obligation, by the first day of class.
E. Publication of Payment & Refund Policies    All colleges will insert in their college catalogs and brochures the information concerning tuition payment and refunds contained in this policy.
F. Special Waivers    College presidents are authorized to modify the tuition and fee refund policy for specific students on a case-by-case basis under the following extenuating or extraordinary circumstances: severe illness documented by a doctor's certificate; erroneous advisement by the college; and military transfer. Other extenuating or extraordinary circumstances may also be considered upon written request submitted by a college president to the chancellor. Exceptions which should not normally be considered include change in job, normal illness, and poor decision or change of mind by a student.
G. Change of Registration—General and Extension Courses    Where a student has changed his or her course schedule to a different mix of general and extension credit courses, the College may elect not to apply the refund policy which would otherwise be in effect with respect to the course(s) deleted, and may, instead, collect or refund only the net amount due based on the tuition and fee policies applicable to the total student course load.

III. Extension Funded Credit Courses—Extension fees may be refunded in accordance with the following:

A student who withdraws by the last business day before the first class meeting of the course(s) is entitled to a full refund of all extension [account] fees. A request for withdrawal must be received by the President or his or her designee no later than the end of the last regular business day of the college before the first meeting of the course(s).
A student reducing his or her extension course load will be entitled to a full refund of extension [account] fees appropriate to the course(s) dropped, provided the request for refund is received by the President or his or her designee no later than the end of the last regular business day of the college before the first class meeting of the course(s).
No refund will be made after the first class meeting of the course, except in cases of serious illness or other extraordinary circumstances, at the discretion of the college President or his or her designee.
If a class is cancelled, a full refund of extension course fees will be made.

IV. Refund Policy for Students Participating in Federal Title IV Student Aid Programs

Refund or return of Federal Title IV funds shall be made in accordance with applicable Federal rules and regulations, as amended from time to time, which shall take precedence over these tuition and fee refund policies. The chancellor or designee shall implement procedures to ensure compliance with Federal requirements.
Section 6.5.5, IV A and IV B – Repealed December, 2002.
(Adopted March 21, 1994; amended July 22, 1996; June 19, 2000, December 16, 2002)