CompTIA A+ Certification -- SNAP Approved!

This certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in the fields of help desk services and technical
support. The courses within this certificate will provide students with the skills they need to understand both
computer hardware and software as well as provide technical support to end users. Those who enroll in this
certificate will leave with A+ certification sponsored by CompTIA.

This certification is an internationally recognized credential backed by major computer hardware and software
vendors, distributors, resellers and publications. No experience in the computer field is necessary to enroll in this
certificate. However, it is recommended that students be familiar with basic computer operation and navigation
of an operating system such as Windows XP. Contact: (203) 285-2128 and ask about FREE training!


This course begins with introduction to PC technology as identified by the objectives in CompTIA’s A+ Certification.The class provides the framework for understanding how a computer works from the inside out. It is the perfect start into PC hardware and operating systems.
A+ Essentials includes the information become competent in installing, building, upgrading to, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and performing preventative maintenance of basic personal computer
hardware and operating systems.
This module covers the competencies for the second A+ exam which is targeted to individuals who work or intend to work in a remote-based work environment where client interaction, client training, operating system and connectivity issues are emphasized. Job titles include remote support technician, help desk technician, call center technician and computer specialist.
Prerequisite: A+ Essentials.
The Network+ Certification indicates technical competency in networking administration and support. Through lecture and hands-on training, students will learn basic networking skills and
concepts that affect all aspects of networking, such as installing and configuring the TCP/IP client. This course helps students prepare for the Network+ Certification exam. This certification is for those with some field experience in network administration
and support.