CARE Reports

Care Reports

What are Care Reports?

Care Reports are part of an electronic referral system that promotes student success and retention. This web-based software enables faculty and staff to identify students who are having difficulties and connect them with campus services that can provide appropriate interventions.

We appreciate your assistance in identifying those in need of support and encourage you to submit a Care Report for students demonstrating any of the following:

  • A lack of academic preparedness
  • A decline in academic performance
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Financial difficulties, such as difficulty purchasing course materials

Complete a Counseling Request Form found here to connect students to the Counseling and Wellness Center for concerns related to mental health or basic needs.

IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY and/or there is a potential threat to you or someone else dial 911 or call Campus Security at (203) 285-2246.

Celebrate Student Success, Send a Kudos Alert!

When a student deserves special recognition for improvement or good work, it is easy to send a Kudos Alert via the Care Reporting system. Kudos are indicators that a student is performing well in a class and offer encouragement to continue moving towards success.

The types of Kudos include:

  • Keep up The Good Work
    • Attending class on time and regularly
    • Receiving good grades on assignments, exams, etc.
  • Outstanding Academic Performance
    • Student consistently performs well on assignments, exams, etc.
    • Performing better than most peers in course
  • Showing Improvement
    • Class attendance/class participation has improved
    • Student is showing a dramatic improvement academically/class attendance
    • Student is turning in assignments after a period of inactivity

What should I expect when I file a Care Report?

Care Reports are received by the Student Success Center and routed to the student's Guided Pathways Advisor for follow up. Reporters are welcome to follow up with Antonia Salerno with any questions regarding submission.

What is the response to my report, and what information will I receive back?

The type of report will often determine the response the student and the reporter will receive.

  • Academic Concern Reports are typically handled directly with the student, and information may not be shared with the reporter. Students with academic concerns are contacted individually by their assigned Guided Pathways Advisor to uncover any presenting problems and offer solutions.
  • Kudos Reports are typically handled directly with the student. Students with Kudos Reports are contacted individually by their Guided Pathways Advisor to give positive feedback on their progress and/or improvement in their class performance. This encourages them on their path to success.

Care Report Hero

Faculty are the primary individuals who interact with students on a regular basis. They are the best resource we have in identifying students who are at risk, and the CARE Report system is our best chance at intervening. We recognize individuals who went above and beyond in their use of the Care Report system as “Care Report Heroes."

Click Here to fill out a CARE Report

Spring 2016 Care Report Heroes:

  • Professors Kim Shea and Paul Reynolds.

Spring 2019 Care Report Heroes:

  • Professors Renee Gaines and Elaine Lickteig (Academic Concerns)
  • Professors Elizabeth Keefe and Rachael Schettenhelm (Academic Concerns for Developmental Courses)
  • Professors Kristina Veselak and Kim Shea (Behavioral/Mental Health/Basic Needs Concerns)