Method 1—Apply Online, a Step-by-Step Guide

1. You will need:

  • A valid e-mail account
  • Pen and paper to write down application “G00” application tracking number

2. Go to Gateway's online application page.

3. Click on Gateway Community College. Then:
  • Click on first-time-user account creation.
  • Create & Verify a (6) digit PIN (write down your PIN and “G00” application tracking number).
  • Please note: If at any time you need to stop filling out the application, click on “Finish Later.” You will need your 8-digit user number, “G00” tracking number and the 6-digit PIN you created. Please do not create a new application.

4. Select:

  • New Student Admission (never attended college)
  • Transfer Student Admission (attended another college)
  • Readmit Student Admission (have taken course(s) at GCC)

5. Select the appropriate term:

  • Write in your name and select “Fill Out Application” to continue. Complete all sections of the application checklist to receive a checkmark beside each and to continue;
  • Choose Name, Address & Phone, and Personal Information and complete all fields; continue;
  • Use the high school look-up code to choose your high school code (if do not know it, search on look-up high school link); continue;
  • Use the College Code Lookup to select your previous college (fill out only if you attended another college; if not skip it). Continue;
  • Choose a planned course of study (Major). Continue.
Congratulations! Your application is now complete and will be processed by the Admissions Office within 14 business days. You will receive two (2) e-mails. The first confirming receipt of your web application. The second indicating your acceptance, Banner Student ID Number and directing your next steps.



(Summer Intersession applications are available mid-February through late May. Fall Semester applications are available early October through late August, and Spring Semester applications are available early October through mid-January. Winter Intersession applications are available from early October through late December.)

Who Should Not Apply Online?

  • International Students
  • Students who do not have a social security number
  • Individuals who want to apply to Workforce Development and Continuing Education for non-credit course offerings


Mailing Address

Admissions Office
Gateway Community College
20 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510