Method 1—Apply Online, a Step-by-Step Guide

1. You will need:

  • A valid e-mail account
  • A credit card (you will need to pay the $20 application fee) or an official fee waiver issued by SAT College Board, NACAC, NEACAC or ConnTAC EOC
  • Pen and paper to write down application “G00” application tracking number

2. Go to Gateway's online application page.

3. Click on Gateway Community College. Then:
  • Click on first-time-user account creation.
  • Create & Verify a (6) digit PIN (write down your PIN and “G00” application tracking number).
  • Please note: If at any time you need to stop filling out the application, click on “Finish Later.” You will need your 8-digit user number, “G00” tracking number and the 6-digit PIN you created. Please do not create a new application.

4. Select:

  • New Student Admission (never attended college)
  • Transfer Student Admission (attended another college)
  • Readmit Student Admission (have taken course(s) at GCC)

5. Select the appropriate term:

  • Write in your name and select “Fill Out Application” to continue. Complete all sections of the application checklist to receive a checkmark beside each and to continue;
  • Choose Name, Address & Phone, and Personal Information and complete all fields; continue;
  • Use the high school look-up code to choose your high school code (if do not know it, search on look-up high school link); continue;
  • Use the College Code Lookup to select your previous college (fill out only if you attended another college; if not skip it). Continue;
  • Choose a planned course of study (Major). Continue.

6. Payment

Under Application Fee Payment—Enter all credit card information OR electronic check bank routing number and account number, and click submit payment one time only!
  • Money Orders & application fee waivers: We accept only: SAT College Board, ACT, NACAC, NEACAC & CONNTAC EOC fee waivers
  • Submit application at the application fee payment screen without payment
  • Mail the money order to the Admissions Office. The fee waiver can be sent by mail, fax (203) 285-2260, or email to our Admissions Office. Be certain to write the ”G00” application tracking number onto the money order or fee waiver. The “G00” application tracking number was provided to you at the start of the application.
Congratulations! Your application is now complete and will be processed by the Admissions Office within 14 business days. You will receive two (2) e-mails. The first confirming receipt of your web application. The second indicating your acceptance, Banner Student ID Number and directing your next steps.



Method 2—Apply Through Mail or in Person

  • Get the Application   Click here to download the paper application.
  • Email Address   You will need a valid email address that you will use throughout your time at Gateway. A free email account can be obtained at
  • Application Fee*   You will need to pay the $20 application fee. This will require a check or money order.
  • Send It In   Complete the application and send it in via mail or drop it off in the Admissions Office.

*If you believe you may be eligible for an Application Fee Waiver through the Connecticut Talent Assistance Cooperative (CONNTAC), contact the local CONNTAC representative for more information.  Be sure to write the online application reference (G00) number onto the Application Fee Waiver.

(Summer Intersession applications are available mid-February through late May. Fall Semester applications are available early October through late August, and Spring Semester applications are available early October through mid-January. Winter Intersession applications are available from early October through late December.)

Summer 2019 Sessions

  1. May 28 to June 13
  2. May 28 to June 26
  3. July 1 to June 31

Fall 2019 Semester

  • Aug. 27 to Dec. 23

Who Should Not Apply Online?

  • International Students
  • Students who do not have a social security number
  • Individuals who want to apply to Workforce Development and Continuing Education for non-credit course offerings


Mailing Address

Admissions Office
Gateway Community College
20 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510