Privacy: When the College receives a report of sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct, reasonable steps will be taken to preserve the privacy of the reported victim while promptly investigating and responding to the report. Information reported about Sexual Misconduct is subject to privacy requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Protection of Individuals: Where it is deemed necessary for the College to take steps to protect the safety of the reported victim and/or other members of the College community, the College will seek to act in a manner so as not compromise the privacy or confidentiality of the reported victim of a sexual assault to the extent reasonably possible.

Procedures for Safe Community: The College also must fulfill its duty to protect the College community and to assure that the appropriate disciplinary processes are implemented.  As such, complete confidentiality cannot always be guaranteed.   College employees, victim advocates or community victim advocates being consulted will make any limits of confidentiality clear before any disclosure of facts takes place.

Mandated Reporting

Campus Security Authorities

Gateway has designated Campus Safety and Campus Police as Campus Security Authorities (CSA) under the Jeanne Clery Act. CSAs have a duty to report information that comes to their attention of a possible sexual assault, regardless of the age of the reported victim.  This information is to be reported to college officials who are required to conduct a full investigation.

Those who wish to obtain the fullest legal protections and disclose in full confidentiality must speak with a fully confidential resource.

Under 18 Years of Age

Mandated reporting requirements of the Child Protection Law may require that a report be made to the Connecticut Department of Social Services whenever the College receives a report that a person under eighteen (18) years of age may have been sexually assaulted. This includes, but is not limited to individuals who are members of professions that are mandated reporters.