Sexual Misconduct


The College is committed to creating a community that is safe and supportive of people of all gender and sexual identities; the Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence pertains to the entire campus community, whether on ground or virtual, students, faculty, and staff. Two of the College’s primary concerns are the health and well-being of each individual and fostering healthy interpersonal relationships. The principles of the Board of Regents Policy on Student Conduct (integrity, equity, respect and responsibility) address elements necessary for healthy interpersonal relationships and these principles are especially important when relationships become intimate.

Sexual intimacy is permissible only if it is agreed to by all participants and all activity is affirmatively consensual at all times. Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and intimate partner violence, against anyone is unacceptable and is both a crime under State law and a violation of College policies, including but not limited to: The Board of Regents Policy on Student Conduct, and the Gateway Community College Sexual Relationships. The College is committed to providing an environment free of personal offenses.