Student Health Insurance

Many dependent students are covered under their parents’ health insurance.  Due to the changes in the new federal health care laws, by January 2011 a parent’s insurance plan will cover child dependents up to the age of 26. If you are an independent student or seeking alternative options, please read below for further information.

Connecticut Community College Insurance Coverage

Coverage while on Campus

To enroll in the Plan which covers student injuries only: 

  • Log on to
  • Search for "Connecticut Community Colleges"
  • Click on "Enroll" and download the appropriate form. 
  • Accidents on or off campus during events sponsored by the College are covered under this plan. The plan is effective for all insured students enrolled for the Fall Semester, August 25, 2014, and will terminate on August 24, 2015. Coverage for all insured students enrolled for the Spring Semester, will become effective January 1, 2015, and will terminate August 24, 2015.

Reporting Accidents or Injury

Please note that any accident taking place on campus or at a college-sponsored event off campus should be reported to the office of the Dean of Administrative Affairs as soon as possible.

Click here for the Aetna Student Website for more information and to enroll online.


All students, who are enrolled at a Connecticut Community College and who actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days, after the date when coverage becomes effective.

Home study, correspondence, Internet classes, and television (TV) courses, do not fulfill the eligibility requirement that the student actively attend classes. If it is discovered that this eligibility requirement has not been met, our only obligation is to refund premium, less any claims paid.

Other Insurance Options

Access Health CT
Your connection to insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
1-855-805-HEALTH (1-855-805-4325)  |  TTY: 1-855-789-2428
255 Church Street next to Dunkin Doughnuts
Access Health CT Web

Charter Oak Health Care Plan
Charter Oak Health Web

Husky Healthcare Web

for Low Income Adults
(application through Department of Social Services)

Offices of the Healthcare Advocate 
(assists with resolving insurance disputes):
Healthcare Advocate Web

Access Aetna Student Health Care Website

To learn more about Plan Information and Online Enrollment.

Click here to read the Aetna Health Beneftis Summary!