Gateway Community College
Designated Courses for General Education

General Education (the Common Core) embodies the knowledge, skills and competencies that each student will acquire in their completion of an Associate's Degree at Gateway Community College. The College's General Education consists of ten areas of competency. The first six are required for all Associate Degrees. The remaining four competencies are program specific. Therefore, course selection each semester with Program Coordinators' advisement is highly recommended.




Written Communication I (WC) ENG* 101 Composition 3
Written Communication II (WC)

ENG* 102 Literature and Composition
ENG* 200 Advanced Composition

Social Phenomena (SP)

ANT* 105 Anthropology
ECN* 101 Macroeconomics
ECN* 102 Microeconomics
PSY* 111 General Psychology I
SOC* 101 Principles of Sociology


Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

MAT* 109 Quantitative Literacy (or any higher MAT* course)

* Note:  For all TAP Transfer Ticket Pathways:
Students must take any Math course HIGHER than MAT* 137

3 - 4

Scientific Knowledge and Understanding (SK) Any Course in BIO*, CHE* EAS*, EVS*, or PHY*

3 - 4

Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking (CALT)

BES* 218 Entrepreneurship
BFN* 110 Personal Finance
BME* 212 Biomedical Equipment Design
+DMS* 223 Clinical Practicum III
ENG* 221 American Literature I
ENG*222 American Literature II
ENG* 231 British Literature I
ENG* 232 British Literature II
ENG* 245 Early Western Literature
ENG* 246 Modern Western Literature
ENG* 254 Modern Arabic Literature
HUM* 125 Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies
IDS 106 Critical Thinking: Business
IDS 112 Career Seminar & Internship
+NMT* 223 Nuclear Medicine Seminar
+NTR* 214 Nutrition Internship III
PHL* 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL* 111 Ethics

+ Selective Admission


Scientific Reasoning (SR)

BIO* 105 Introduction to Biology
BIO* 115 Human Biology
BIO* 121 General Biology I
BIO* 122 General Biology II
BIO* 211 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO* 212 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO* 213 Human Cadaver Anatomy
BIO* 235 Microbiology
CHE* 111 Concepts of Chemistry
CHE* 121 General Chemistry I
CHE* 122 General Chemistry II
CHE* 220 Biochemistry
CHE* 231 Quantitative Chemical Analysis w/Environmental Appls.
EAS* 110 The Earth Sciences
EVS* 114 Environmental Science
PHY* 109 Fundamentals of Applied Sciences
PHY* 111 Physics for the Life Sciences
PHY* 121 General Physics I
PHY* 122 General Physics II
PHY* 221 Calculus-Based Physics I
PHY* 222 Calculus-Based Physics II



3 - 4

Aesthetic Dimensions (AD) ART* 101 - Art History I
ART* 102 - Art History II
ENG* 271 - Film & Literature
MUS* 141 - Guitar I
Oral Communication (OC) BBG* 210 – Business Communication
COM* 171 – Fundamentals of Human Communication
HSE* 212 - Mediation


Historical Knowledge and Understanding (HK) HIS* 101 Western Civilization I
HIS* 102 Western Civilization II
HIS* 201 U.S. History I
HIS* 202 U.S. History II


Revised Date:  3/17/17