Water Management



The Water Management Certificate program covers the operation of water treatment plants from both ground and surface water sources, as well as the water distribution systems that deliver the treated water to customers. It assures an adequate supply of water for domestic, commercial, industrial, and public use. Two main areas of water management are water treatment and water distribution. Connecticut continually needs qualified individuals in the water treatment and distribution areas to fill positions in the increasing number of plants. Requirements for advanced certification to qualify for such positions presently include formal course work. Gateway’s Water Management Certificate program offers a sequence of courses to prepare students for the Connecticut Department of Health certification examinations.
Successful completion of the program provides the necessary education requirements to take the CT Department of Public Health’s highest class water industry license examinations (Class IV Water Treatment and Class III Distribution). If successful, graduates are licensed as Operators-in-Training (OIT), who become fully licensed after work experience requirements are met. CT DPH licenses are recognized by most other states.


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