Solar Technology


The Solar Technology Certificate program will teach students operational skills and will impart a basic understanding of photovoltaic (solar electric), solar thermal (water/air/ heating/effects of wind), and passive solar equipment, including course work in electricity and electronics. Contextualized instruction in related academic math and computer skills will enable program graduates to compare and contrast, estimate the costs, evaluate performance, and understand the overall effectiveness of various types of solar installations. Successful graduates will be eligible for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Entry-Level Exam. 
Learning Outcomes
  • Working knowledge of the benefits and limitations of a solar energy system and conducting an economic assessment of its return on investment
  • Basic understanding of state and federal regulations and permit requirements in the energy stystems field
  • Understanding of the importance of safety in an energy system environment
  • Knowledge of solar technology field to become eligible for the NABCEP entry-level “Certificate of Knowledge” exam
  • Knowledge of solar electrical work to become eligible for the Connecticut Solar PV licensing exams (PV-1, PV-2)
  • Knowledge of solar electrical work to become eligible for the Connecticut Solar Thermal licensing exams (ST-1, ST-2).


Eric Flynn
(203) 285-2371 

Program Requirements

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