Electrical Engineering Technology

Associate in Science 

The Electrical Engineering Technology program focuses on a variety of electrical and electronic devices, circuits, systems, and related applications that are integral parts of our modern, high-tech society. Students in this program receive theoretical and practical instruction to analyze, construct, test, and troubleshoot a wide variety of electrical, electronic, digital, microprocessor and communication circuits, and systems. 

Exceptional instructors guide students in the proper selection, set-up, and use of instrumentation for design, testing, and measurement. Course projects utilize personal computers to model, construct, and analyze electrical and electronic devices, circuits, and systems to produce graphic results. Senior-level students complete an internship program. 

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to: 

  • Professionally use general test instrumentation and present data 
  • Analyze and understand both analog and digital circuits 
  • Know the basic components of electrical circuits (resistors, capacitors, and inductors) and how they behave in a circuit 
  • Present high-quality written and oral reports of technical procedures performed in the laboratory 
  • Predict the circuit dynamics and power consumption of components in both analog and digital circuits 
  • Analyze and solve circuit problems to meet given requirements 
  • Work cooperatively and productively with others in a laboratory test setting 
  • Know and use basic computer software applications 
  • Possess a basic understanding of digital circuits, integrated circuits, and semiconductors 
  • Understand the operation of instrumentation and how it is used to measure circuit characteristics 
  • Use a circuit-modeling program to evaluate complex circuits 
  • Use personal computers to perform word processing, data compilation, and graphical analysis 
  • Use and read vendor catalogs, instruction manuals, and electrical drawings 

The extensive instruction and hands-on training received as part of the Electrical Engineering Technology program make each graduate a valuable and desired contributor in Connecticut’s wide-ranging, high-technology industries. The EET program also provides graduates with excellent opportunities for further education and professional advancement. Gateway’s Electrical Engineering Technology program maintains the highest educational and technical standards.



Eric Flynn
Program Coordinator
(203) 285-2371


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