Engineering & Applied Technologies

Gateway Community College's division of Engineering and Applied Technologies offers Associate Degree (AS and AAS) and Certificate Programs (C) in the following disciplines:


Transportation Technology

Alternative Energy Transportation Technology (SOAR) (C) 

Provides students with entry-level mechanical skills required to fill technical jobs in alternative energy transportation operations.

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AS)

Graduates of this program may obtain employment as mechanics at airports, technicians with aircraft and powerplant companies, or they may continue their education toward a Bachelor’s degree in the industrial and manufacturing fields.

Railroad Engineering Technology (AS)

GCC offers a unique Associate in Science Degree in Railroad Engineering Technology with two options: Electromechanical and Signaling/Communications.


Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology  (AS)

This program focuses on a variety of electrical and electronic devices, circuits, systems, and related applications that are integral parts of our modern, high-tech society. 

General Engineering Technology (AAS)

This program prepares students to become generalists, equipping them with a strong mathematics, science, humanities, and general technology background to solve problems in the workplace.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (AS)

Manufacturing Engineering Technicians work with engineers to design experiments, plan production methods, find better ways to manufacture products, troubleshoot, inspect, and perform quality control.

Mechanical Engineering Technology (AS)

The Mechanical Engineering Technician is a practically-oriented member of the engineering team who applies existing technology to the solution of engineering problems. 

Computer Assisted Drafting (C)

This program develops entry-level skills for individuals interested in using Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) to produce detailed architectural or schematic drawings based on rough sketches, specifications, and calculations made by scientists, engineers, and designers.

Computer Servicing (C) 

The Computer Servicing Certificate Program is designed for students seeking entry level technical skills for the information technology (IT) industry. 

Electronics Technician (C)

Designed for students who are interested in pursuing immediate employment in the electronics industry, while allowing for advanced educational opportunities. 

Quality Control (C)

This program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for the Certified Quality Technician (CQT) certification examination by the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC).

Solar Technology (SOAR) (C)

This certificate will teach students operational skills and will impart a basic understanding of photovoltaic (solar electric), solar thermal (water/air/heating/effects of wind), and passive solar equipment, including course work in electricity and electronics.

Biomedical Engineering Technology  (AS)

Growth in the biotechnology industry offers graduates of this program new opportunities as instrumentation calibration technicians for production, validation, and research equipment and instrumentation.


Technical Studies

Wastewater Management (C)

The Wastewater Management Certificate prepares students to sit for the Wastewater I and Wastewater II Operator certification examination.

Advanced Wastewater Management (C)

The Advanced Wastewater Management Certificate prepares students for certification as Wastewater III and Wastewater IV Operators.

Water Management (C)

This certificate covers the operation of water treatment plants, from both ground and surface water sources as well as the water distribution systems that deliver the treated water to customers.



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