Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I walk in to the center and see a counselor?

We ask that you schedule an appointment with our counselors and advisors to provide you with the full measure of our attention and assistance. Please click here to schedule your appointment.

How do I identify my academic advisor?

Students are not assigned to one specific advisor, however students are encouraged to refer to the list of program coordinators and contact them for advising. Students who are undecided on their program major should visit the Student Success Center for advising.

How do I know what courses to take to complete my degree or certificate?

You can go to and click on Degree Evaluation.

How do I know if I am eligible for graduation?

Please schedule an appointment with one of the counselors to perform and review your degree evaluation. Prior to your appointment, you are encouraged to perform your own degree evaluation.

*IMPORTANT* Degree evaluations in myCommNet are only for 2014-2015 catalog years or earlier.


BIO 105 Introduction to Biology is full. Now what can I do?

Students trying to take a BIO 105 class should consider the following options:

  • Keep checking online to see if a spot opens up. The department will NOT over-enroll any lab Biology classes. Your only option to add a class is to add it if a spot opens up.  
  • Take it at another community college. Many Gateway students go to Housatonic Community College (HCC) in Bridgeport to take this class because HCC offers a wide selection of Summer and Fall Biology classes. You would have to go there to register for the class. If you are receiving Financial Aid, check with the Financial Aid office to see if you are eligible to have it covered through a consortium agreement.

What classes transfer to 4-year schools? 

You should make an appointment with a counselor to discuss what will transfer.

What are the nursing requirements? 

See the Nursing packet (link). Students should attend a nursing information session (link), which is offered each month.

I am a transfer student, what do I bring with me for advising? 

In addition to submitting your official transcripts to the admissions office, you should also bring unofficial copies of your transcripts from all previous colleges. To get your credits officially evaluated and added to your GCC transcript, you will need to complete the transfer credit evaluation form.

I am on academic probation. What do I do?

Probation students will be able to take up to three (3) classes (or 9 credits). They should also meet with a counselor or advisor at the Student Success Center.

Am I eligible for a Fresh Start?

For the Fresh Start option, students will be eligible if they have not attended college for four (4) consecutive semesters and their GPA is below 2.00. Students will need to complete Fresh Start Option form. Contact the Counseling and Student Success for more details.