Requesting Academic Adjustments

Accommodations cannot be arranged unless a student initiates a request for accommodation through SDS each semester, provides the necessary documentation, and schedules an intake appointment with a specialist. Academic Adjustment Letters are not automatically drafted; therefore, an appointment with a specialist must be made every semester.

New/Returning Students

  • Make contact with the SDS office and disclose your disability. This may be done before or after course selection
  • Provide the SDS office with the necessary documentation regarding your disability and set up an intake appointment to discuss course selection and possible academic adjustments for the upcoming semester
  • Schedule another appointment to meet with a specialist to prepare Academic Adjustment Letters to instructors and discuss accommodation needs with each instructor
  • Accommodations such as requests for alternate formats, assistive technology in the classroom, or sign-language interpreters, usually requires sufficient lead time to arrange. Students who anticipate requiring these kinds of accommodations should make an appointment with a specialist immediately after they register for courses to develop a timeline
  • Present the Academic Adjustment Letter to each professor immediately upon being approved for accommodations

Examples of Possible Academic Adjustments Provided

  • Extended time, scribes, and readers for exams/quizzes
  • Reduced distraction testing environment
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Assistive technology and auxiliary aid/equipment loans
  • Large-print materials
  • Permission to record a lecture

The ADA does not require the College to provide personal assistants, individual tutors, or equipment that has been individually prescribed by outside agencies or medical or rehabilitation professionals.