Students enrolled in classes at Gateway during the Fall and Spring Semesters may receive free tutoring. Tutoring is provided on a small group basis as available for many entry-level courses at the college including:

  • Math from 075 to Calculus 3
  • Accounting:  Micro & Macro Economics
  • Biology: All courses
  • Anatomy & Physiology I and II
  • Chemistry 111 and 121

To sign up for tutoring, please fill out a request form in the CES.  We will identify an appropriate tutor available, and contact you to make arrangements. 

Development Math & English

The College Advancement Studies (CAS) Department provides drop-in tutoring at the "CES" for students in developmental math and English classes.  Schedules are available at the beginning of each semester.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in South 214, provides support to students across the curriculum after any developmental courses. For more information, please call the Writing Center at (203) 285-2245 or contact Professor Doree Robinson at drobinson@gatewayct.edu.

Academic Support for Learning Disabled Students

Appropriate academic support strategies are arranged for students with various documented disabilities. Please contact Student Accessibility Services for further details.