The Student Accessibility Services office is committed to promoting equal access to education for students with disabilities in an environment that respects and values their differences and encourages self advocacy and self-determination.

Student Disclosure of a Disability

  • It is the responsibility of each student to voluntarily contact the SAS office to disclose his/her disability and request academic adjustments each semester
  • All students who are requesting academic adjustments must provide the SAS office with appropriate documentation substantiating the nature of his/her disability prior to academic adjustments being granted
  • The SAS office reserves the right to require additional documentation from a student if the current documentation is deemed insufficient before granting academic adjustments
  • Eligibility for academic adjustments will be determined by the SAS office on an individual basis as validated by the documentation that has been supplied by the student
  • Students are advised to provide the SAS office with documentation one week prior to initial appointment, and allow time to discuss academic adjustments before granting them
  • No other representative at the College may determine or grant academic adjustments for a student with a disability besides a representative from the SAS office
  • Academic adjustments are not retroactive